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Christmas Coloured Advent Candle Set

Christmas Coloured Advent Candle Set
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Brand:  madwaxcandles
Colour:  3 purple, 1 pink, 1 ivory
Size:  8in x 3/4in approx
Burn-time:  8hrs-approx


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No stock, delayed despatch


Set of 5 good quality coloured dining candles, contains 3 Purple, 1 Pink and 1 ivory candle (all candles are coloured whole way through).

These candles are used as part of the Christian tradition to mark the start of the Christian year.

Unlit candles represent darkness. One purple candle is lit on the first Sunday of Advent (for Hope). On the second Sunday it is lit again together with another purple one (for Peace), the third purple one is lit on the third Sunday (for Love) and on the fourth Sunday the pink candle (for Joy) is included. On Christmas Day the ivory candle is also lit representing Jesus Christ birth as the light of the world.

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