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Citronella the natural bug repellant

Monday, 18 April 2016  |  Admin


Well summer  is finally on its way and we are all starting our garden projects and looking forward to BBQ's and long summer evenings outdoors. However most of us would rather not enjoy this space with  annoying flying insects, especially if they sting! 


Citronella is the natural way to deter them, forget those harmful aerosol sprays because there are lots of natural ways to deter bugs, both inside and outside your home. 


Citronella is known all over the world as a natural mosquito and tick repellent. It  is safe and non-toxic to humans and animals (including insects). Although it is good practise to burn pure Citronella products outside or with good ventilation as some people can have mild allergic reactions. 


There are lots of different products available that contain Citronella, for example granules that you can either leave in a bowl or place a couple of teaspoons onto an oil burner to spread the scent and deter flies from coming in your home. And don 't forget that Lemon balm is a cousin to Citronella and although not quite as strong is still a deterrent especially when lit as a candle.  There are also lots of lovely colourful garden citronella candles and incense products which give you smoke as well as the scent and help to deter a wider range of insects. Or you can just place a couple of  Citronella tea lights in jam jars around the seating area of your garden which look pretty and do the same job. 

As someone who is allergic to bees I don’t want to kill them as they are marvellous creatures, but want them to keep a safe distant away. Bees will naturally flee from smoke, and become dazed and less aggressive if they inhale too much of it. So even an unscented candle can be a natural way to keep your table free from pesky insects. Indeed Citronella does not kill insects but merely helps to repel them by masking the scents they are attracted too. 

So this summer when you are sitting and enjoying the garden don't forget to buy those Citronella products to  help make your evening go with more of a swing and less of a bite!