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Soy or Parrafin wax - whats the difference

Friday, 22 January 2016  |  Admin

What are the main differences between Soy and Parrafin Wax candles


Most people have heard of paraffin wax, it is still the most popular type of wax to make candles with. In fact if you buy a candle that isn't marked soy or any other special blend of wax, you have probably purchased a candle that is made from a paraffin wax. One of the more natural alternatives to paraffin wax is soy this is made from the oil of soybeans so is a natural wax and a renewable source unlike paraffin wax. Most soy wax is grown in the USA where they feed the leftover husks as animal feed.


Although I sell both types in my shop in Rottingdean I concentrate on making soy wax candles and melts for my own range. So why did I choose soy wax? Well I find that soy wax has a cleaner burn than paraffin as it does not give off the black soot you can get from paraffin candles. I also find it cleaner to work with as soy wax can be removed with just soapy water which makes for a cleaner kitchen when working. A real plus when I was testing out scents believe me! The downside of soy is that it is a very soft wax so while it is perfect for containers and melts and gives excellent scent throw it does not work in pillar candles. So additives have to be added, personally I find paraffin wax is best for large pillar candles.

I have found little difference in the scent hold or scent throw between the two waxes.

That is more to do with the strength and quality of oils used and how they are added. Some producers will just wrap the outside of a candle in fragrance, at madwaxcandles we blend essential oils into the wax for a longer lasting scent throw when the candle is burning.


Soy wax is more expensive than paraffin wax and has a lower melting point. Apart from being a renewable source one of the great advantages with soy is you can re-use jars or containers by simply washing them out with warm soapy water. This means if you make your candle in a lovely teacup or jar (as I do) you can give it as a present and the recipient can simply wash it out after burning the candle and re-use.